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Tretinoin Cream helps to cure skin inflammation, and aids in reducing skin inflammation from spreading.
Follow the instructions of your doctor while applying Tretinoin Cream.
• This cream has to be used externally only.
• Read the instructions carefully to take note of any allergic ingredients.
• Using a gentle cleanser, clear all traces of cosmetics used, and then apply Tretinoin Cream. Keep it on for around half an hour.
• Take a small portion of the cream onto your fingertip and apply on the affected area.
• Don’t forget to wash your hands immediately after applying the cream.
• Apply only at the prescribed time interval.

Tretinoin Cream should be kept in an airtight container, Keep it away from heat and light. Ensure that it is not within reach of kids and pets.

Avoid Using Tretinoin Cream in case:
• You have an allergy to any ingredient used in Tretinoin Cream.
• Pregnant, lactating mothers, or people who are under medication or following a diet need to seek medical confirmation before using Tretinoin Cream.
• Let your medical advisor know about any allergies you may be having.
• People suffering from eczema or having high white blood cell count, diabetes, or sunburn should not use this cream.
• As topical medicines have alcohol, resorcinol, sulfur, or salicylic acid. It may lead to excessive skin dryness or irritation. So proper care needs to be taken regarding this.

• Keep away from children and pets
• As it is meant for external use, avoid using it too close to the eyes, nose or mouth.
• In case, it gets into the eyes, immediately wash it off with water.
• Never apply Tretinoin Cream and go out in the sun, as it increases chances of sunburn. If it is unavoidable, then apply sunscreen or wear protective clothing.
• In case there is no signs of improvement after a fortnight, then seek professional help from your doctor to increase the application frequency.
• Never use Tretinoin Cream on areas which are sunburned.
• Skin may become hyper sensitive to cold and extreme weather by prolonged use of Tretinoin Cream.
• Oral consumption may be fatal and in case swallowed accidentally, immediately rush to the poison control center or seek medical aid.

It may cause minor allergic reactions. In case you experience a change in the skin pigment, or notice redness, peeling or hypersensitivity to light, or a stinging sensation, then you need to consult your doctor.
In extreme cases, if you suffer from extreme allergies like rash, hives, breathlessness, or tightening of the chest, swelling or crushing of the skin, then immediately discontinue the application and rush to the doctor.

All the information provided is general in nature, and should not be used for self-medication or self-diagnosis. Follow the advice of your health care professional. All the information is true to the best of our knowledge, but we advise our customers to review and verify the same, before consuming the medication. Our website does not undertake the responsible for any direct, indirect, special or other indirect damage caused due to the information provided or the effects of self-treatment.

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