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Rhinocort is beneficial to patients suffering from frequent bouts of asthma attacks, needing bronchodilators, or patients who are more prone to asthmatic attacks during the nights. It is used to control asthma in people who need continuous, extended treatment.


  • Read the complete instructions on the label.
  • Keep the inhaler upright when you are using it. In case it has fallen or shaken, or if you breathe into the device once the dose is loaded, then the dosage is wasted. You will have to reload another dose.
  • In case the mouthpiece falls off or is damaged you need to discard it.
  • Do not modify the dosage without the instructions of your doctor.

Method of Usage:
Inhale orally one or two times a day, as per the instructions of your doctor. Take deep and forceful inhalations for better results. Never breathe out in the device, as it may lead to loss of dose.
For best results, you need to inhale and keep your mouth away from the device,
while exhaling. Never use the device after the red mark is at the bottom of the dose indicator.

Recommended Dosage:
The Turbuhaler needs to be used for people who are more than 6 years of age. You will see signs of improvement within a day, however, optimum results may take around a week or two of medication. The dosage differs from person to person, depending on the age, medical history, and other conditions. Usually, adults need around 1 to 4 puffs every 12 hours, while children need
about 1 or 2 winds every 12 hours. Patients who have mild asthma need to take the puffs only once a day.

Budesonide should be stored at room temperature, 20-25 C.
Safety Information Read the information carefully and inform your doctor if you are allergic to any ingredient of Rhinocort. In case you are suffering from an eye ailment, blood pressure, thyroid issues, diabetes, stomach, bone or infection issues, or any other disorder then you need to inform your doctor before using Rhinocort. Pregnant, lactating women, or patients planning to undergo surgery or dental treatment also need to inform their doctor of the same. Excessive consumption during pregnancy may cause hormonal issues in newborn babies.

Drug Interaction:
Rhinocort interacts with aldesleukin, immunity system weakening drugs, antifungals, antibiotics, and other drugs. Hence you need to inform your doctor about your medical history before you start using Rhinocort.

Side Effects
As Rhinocort weakens the immune system, patients may experience lowered ability to combat infections, leaving you prone to infections and diseases. Side effects include dryness and irritability of the throat, vocal changes, tasteless mouth, runny nose, wheezing, breathlessness, worsening of asthma and other similar ailments.
Always keep a quick-relief inhaler handy, and discontinue the medication before
seeking a doctor’s advice. Using Rhinocort for an extended duration may cause a yeast infection. So watch out for any white patches on the mouth or tongue. In case you experience abnormal fatigue, blurring of vision, unusual bruising or bleeding, puffiness in the face, mood swings, weakening of muscles, decoloring or tanning of the skin, frequent urination or skin allergies, or any other abnormality, then inform your doctor of the same.

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