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Common use
Phenergan helps to cure runny nose, sniffling, watery eyes, hives, skin rashes, and other issues. It is also used as a narcotic and tranquilizer for people as it helps to reduce queasiness and ease motion sickness.

Dosage and direction
Consume it orally after eating food. Consuming it on an empty stomach may trigger stomach disorders. Consuming 25 mg before sleeping can help to get rid of allergy. In case the case–persists, you can repeat the dosage after two hours. Consuming 25 mg twice a day helps to get rid of motion sickness.
These dosages are generic and do not consider your medical history and other
factors. Hence it is essential to seek medical consultation for an accurate dosage.

1. Never administer Phenergan to coma patients.
2. It is not suitable for children below the age of 2.
3. Consuming it with alcohol can trigger drowsiness and loss of consciousness.
4. It may also increase sensitivity to sunlight, and so you need to use proper protection if you are moving outdoors.
5. Pregnant and lactating ladies need to seek medical advice before consuming Phenergan.
6. People suffering from lower respiratory tract symptoms like Asthma should not consume Phenergan.

Possible side effect
Allergic reactions may include skin issues, trembling, breathlessness, swelling of the face, hands or feet, runny nose, drooling, an imbalance in walking, restlessness, stiffness, dizzy spells, agitation, and discomfort. At times it may also cause hallucinations, jaundice effect, abnormal urination, nausea muscle pain, and cramps, blurring of the vision, ringing in the ears, or constipation.

In case you suffer from any of these side effects, then you need to get in touch with your doctor and discontinue the medicine until further advice.

Drug interaction
Phenergan may interact with many drugs such as lithium, atropine, belladonna, benztropine, and many more.
It may also interact with blood pressure medicines, medicines used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, ulcer, and others. It is important to consult your doctor regarding the interaction of the drug, to ensure that there is no side effect.

Missed dose
In case you skip a dose then you can take it whenever you remember, However, if it almost time for your next dose, you can avoid taking it and continue with your scheduled dose to get back to routine. Never consume double dosage as it will trigger side effects.

An overdose of Phenergan may lead to extreme drowsiness, dizziness, dry mouth, large pupils, flushing, nausea, vomiting, shallow breathing, and passing out.

Phenergan should be stored at room temperature between 59-77 degrees F It should be kept away from light and humidity. Keep it away from the reach of children and pets. Never use any medicine after the expiry date. Any unused medicines should be discarded immediately.

All the information provided is general in nature, and should not be used for self-medication or self-diagnosis. Follow the advice of your health care professional. All the information is true to the best of our
knowledge, but we advise our customers to review and verify the same, before consuming the medication. Our website does not undertake the responsibility for any direct, indirect, special or other indirect damage caused due to the information provided or the effects of self-treatment.

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