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Mobic helps to get rid of or reduce pain or stiffness of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

You should follow the instructions of your doctor while consuming Mobic. Never temper with the dosage or the duration of the course. Avoid consuming it on an empty stomach. Swallow it with a glass of water for best results.

Missed Dose
In case you miss a dose, then you can go on with your regular pill when it is next scheduled. Never take a double dose as compensation.

In case you consume an overdose, it may trigger a sense of nauseousness, and pain in the stomach. It may also lead to bleeding or in severe cases, and the patient may go into a coma or suffer from a heart attack. In case any of the side effects manifest, then you need to seek medical intervention promptly.

Mobic should be kept away from the reach of children and pets. It should be stored at room temperature far from bright light and humidity.

More Information
In case you are allergic to any medication like aspirin or face asthma or breathing issues while consuming Mobic, you need to update your doctor. Abstain from smoking and alcohol while you are consuming Mobic. Never take steroidal medications along with Mobic. Follow the instructions of your doctor. Not suitable for self-medication.

Word of Caution

  • People suffering from allergies to any ingredient of Mobic should abstain from it. 
  • People allergic to aspirin or any other NSAID should not consume Mobic.
  • In case you experience a reaction in the form of dizzy spells, breathlessness, skin infections, hives or other similar symptoms then you need to discontinue Mobic and seek medical assistance.
  • It is not suitable for people who have undergone bypass surgery recently or are suffering from peptic ulcer.
  • Not suitable for pregnant women in their last trimester, as it may harm the fetus.
  • Not suitable for lactating mothers, as it may harm the baby.


  • Never drive or perform any risky activities until you are sure of the reaction of the medicine.
  • Never change the dosage without proper instructions of the doctor.
  • Never consume for prolonged periods without the instructions of the doctor.
  • Never consume it with aspirin without the permission of your doctor.
  • At times, your doctor may ask you to undergo a battery of tests before prescribing Mobic. This is to ensure that there will be no side effects.
  • Elders and children may be more prone to the side effects, and hence they need to be monitored after the medication has been administered.

 Side Effects

Mobic may trigger side effects like constipation, diarrhea, dizzy spell, headache, heartburn, upset stomach, broken sleep or other similar symptoms. At times it may cause swelling of the skin, irritation, itching, or hives.
In case you observe any abnormality after consuming Mobic, immediately discontinue the medication. If the problem persists, seek immediate medical intervention.

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