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Malegra FXT

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Malegra FXT

Common Uses

Although Erectile Dysfunction has become a growing issue in today’s life, most males shy away from discussing this issue for fear of mockery or embarrassment. This triggers negativity and anxiety, and often takes a toll on their relationships. Besides impotency, males also fear premature ejaculation. And here, Malegra FXT comes as a boon. These pills help to get rid of impotency as well as premature ejaculation. Being FDA approved, this medicine is safe and does not cause a lot of side effects. Made out of Sildenafil Citrate and Fluoxetine, this medicine can get rid of both these issues, and help to regain vitality and potency.

Dosage and Directions

  • Malegra FXT should be consumed once a day to ensure better blood supply to the penile regions for quicker and stronger erections.
  • The Fluxetine in the medicine reduces the serotonin levels, thus slowing the ejaculation process in males who are sexually stimulated.
  • Malegra FXT should be consumed 90 minutes before having sex, and its effects last for around 4 to 6 hours.
  • This medicine should be swallowed whole with a glassful of water.
  • Malegra FXT is available in 100/40 mg as well as 100/60 mg combinations, and the doctor prescribes the appropriate dosage according to the issue faced by the patient.
  • Never modify the dosage without the permission of the doctor.
  • Malegra FXT can be taken with or without food. However, avoid consuming a high fat meal as it may reduce the effects of this medicine.
  • Consuming alcohol or smoking while on this medicine may reduce the effectiveness of the pill.


Malegra FXT should be kept in room temperature away from direct exposure to sunlight and heat. Never keep it in moist places such as the bathroom. Ensure that it is not within the reach of children or pets.

Word of Warning

  • It is essentially to discuss the complete medical history before starting on a course of Malegra FXT.
  • Patients need to inform the doctor regarding any medicine, or dietary supplement being consumed to avoid drug interaction.
  • Patients suffering from kidney, liver or heart disorders should not consume this medicine.
  • Malegra FXT is not suitable for patients with hypertension or diabetes.
  • Patients who are allergic to Sildenafil Citrate or Fluoxetine should not consume this medicine.
  • Never take this medicine with any other male enhancement drug as it may cause an overdose.
  • Consuming it with nitrate based medicines will also be fatal.

Side Effects 

At times patients may experience bleeding in the nose, skin rashes and itching, headache, nausea, and many other side effects. However, these are purely temporary and may vanish as the effect of the medicine wears off. Still, if the symptoms persist, then it is important to speak to the doctor regarding the same.


  • Malegra FXT does not work as a contraceptive. Neither can it be used to protect against any Sexually Transmitted Disease.
  • It should not be consumed by people who are asked to abstain from sexual activities due to any health issues.


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