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Common Uses

Levitra is a medicine which enhances the flow of blood into the penile region, enabling better erection. Hence it is an effective cure against erectile dysfunction. The actie


Dosage and Directions

  • Levitra Soft is usually consumed an hour before planned sexual activity.
  • It should be taken once a day.
  • The doctor may recommend 10 mg at the initial stages of treatment, which may be increased to 20 mg as the treatment proceeds.
  • However, some patients may require a lesser dose due to their other medical conditions.
  • Patients who are more than 65 years old may be more prone to the side effects; hence they may require a lower dose.
  • Patients suffering from prostate issues or high blood pressure may need a lesser dose.
  • This medicine should never be consumed without the permission of the doctor.
  • It should never be consumed with grapes or with grape juice as it may trigger side effects.
  • Levitra Soft should be placed under the tongue and allowed to melt.



Levitra Soft should be stored at room temperature in a clean dry place. It should never be kept in the reach of kids or pets. Never consume this medicine after expiry date.


Word of Warning

  • Patients who are allergic to any component of Levitra Soft should not consume this medicine.
  • Patients who are asked to abstain from sex due to any health issue should not consume this medicine.
  • Patients suffering from hereditary degenerative eye issues should stay away from this medicine.
  • Patients who have suffered from a heart attack or undergone any surgery should not consume Levitra Soft for at least 6 months.
  • Levitra Soft should not be consumed by people who consume antiarrhythmic medicines, nitrate based medicines, or recreational drugs.
  • This medicine should not be taken with any other PDE 5 inhibitor or with any medicine having Vardenafil.


Drug Interaction

  • Levitra Soft interacts with many medicines and is not suitable for everyone.
  • Patients allergic to this medicine should not consume it.
  • Patients having deformed penis issues should not consume this medicine.
  • Patients having eye issues, or hearing impairment also should abstain from this medicine.
  • People suffering from liver, kidney or blood pressure issues should speak to the doctor before embarking on a course of Livetra Soft.
  • Levitra Soft interacts with Alpha-blockers nitrate based medicines, nitroprusside, antiarrhythmics, Azole antifungals, HIV protease inhibitors, macrolide antibiotics, telithromycin, Rifampin, and other medicines.



Levitra Soft may trigger dizzy spells, sleepiness, blackouts or blurring of the vision. These effects may become worst if combined with alcohol or other medicines. At times, patients also experience prolonged erections which last for more than 4 hours and are extremely painful. If this condition is left unattended, it may lead to impotency.


Side Effects

Levitra Soft may cause dizzy spells, pain in the head, nasal congestion, diarrhea, and other side effects like skin allergies, breathlessness, swelling of the limbs, seizures, hearing issues, vomiting, etc.

In case any of these symptoms manifest, then it is essential to visit a doctor immediately.

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