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Common Uses

Glucophage is a biguanide medicine, whose active ingredient is Metformin. It is used to cure Type II Diabetes. It lessens the concentration of glucose in the blood, by controlling the metabolism of glucose in the liver, lowering the glucose absorption from the gastrointestinal tract, and optimizing the utilization by tissues.

Glucophage consumption causes loss of weight and it enhances the fibrinolytic properties of blood. It helps in the treatment of patients who see no improvement with sulfonylurea and are suffering from obesity.


Dosage and Directions

  • Glucophage should be consumed only if prescribed by a doctor.
  • Never modify the recommended dosage without the consent of the doctor.
  • Usually it is consumed with food.
  • Generally patients need to consume 500 mg twice a day, or 850 mg once a day in order to control Type II Diabetes.
  • The dosage may be increased upto 250 mg spread over three doses, depending on the glucose level in the blood.


Word of Warning

  • Glucophage is not suitable for patients who are suffering from hyperglycemic coma, ketoacidosis, kidney, liver or heart issues, acute myocardial infarction, respiratory failure, dehydration, infectious diseases, extensive surgery and trauma.
  • It is not suitable for patients who are alcoholic.
  • Patients who are on a reduced-calorie diet too should not consume this medicine.
  • Patients suffering from lactic acidosis should keep away from this medicine.
  • Never consume it if you are pregnant or nursing.
  • Never consume Glucophage 2 days before a surgery, or if you are going to undergo an X-Ray examination or a CAT Scan.
  • It is not recommended for patients who often do rigorous physical activities.
  • It is not to be consumed by people who are more than 60 years of age.


Side Effects

  • In rare cases Glucophage causes Lactic acidosis, which may be fatal. This can be determined if patients experience acute fatigue and weakness, excessive drowsiness, reduced heartbeat, chills, pain in the stomach or muscles, breathlessness, black outs.
  • Patients also need to keep a watch out for any signs of low blood sugar. These are characterized by hunger pangs, irritation, sleepiness, pain in the head, fatigue, erratic heartbeats, trembling, acute perspiration, seizures and confusion. It is recommended to always keep something which has sugar in it.
  • Never consume alcohol, as it may cause severe side effects.
  • Other side effects commonly noted include sudden weight gain, erratic bowel movement, lack of hunger, swelling, allergies and so on.

In case you notice any of these symptoms, then you need to immediately inform your doctor.


Drug Interaction

Glucophage interacts with various drugs like Cimetidine, Furosemide, Derivatives of sulfonylurea, insulin, acarbose, MAO inhibitors, oxytetracycline, cyclophosphamide and salicylates thyroid medicines, birth control pills and other hormones, Epinephrine, Glucagon, thiazide diuretics, nicotinic acid derivates.


Missed or Overdose

In case you miss a dose and realize it close to the time of your next dose, then you can resume your regular schedule. Never consume a double dose, or consume two doses within a short time gap, else it may trigger side effects. In case you notice any abnormal symptoms, then you should seek immediate medical assistance.


Glucophage should be store at room temperature between 68 and 77 F.  It should not be kept in moist places such as bathrooms. Never keep it directly exposed to heat and sunlight. Never keep it within the range of children or pets.



All the information provided is general in nature, and should not be used for self-medication or self-diagnosis. Follow the advice of your health care professional. All the information is true to the best of our knowledge, but we advise our customers to review and verify the same, before consuming the medication. Our website does not undertake the responsible for any direct, indirect, special or other indirect damage caused due to the information provided or the effects of self-treatment.


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