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Common Uses

Armidex reduces the estrogen levels in postmenopausal women, thus lowering the growth of some cancer tumors.

Dosage and Directions

  • Follow the instructions of your doctor regarding the dosage and the course of medication.
  • Arimidex should be consumed orally once a day.
  • The dosage may vary in case of pregnant or lactating ladies.
  • Patients suffering from liver, kidney, or heart disorders need to inform the doctor before taking this medicine.
  • Females who have not reached menopause should consult the doctor regarding the accurate dosage.
  • Usually Arimidex is prescribed for around 5 years.
  • Patients consuming this medicine often complain of impaired concentration. Hence patients are advised not to undertake tasks which require high levels of concentration.


  • Armidex should not be consumed by premenopausal women.
  • It is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women.
  • Patients allergic to any of the components of Armidex should abstain from this medicine.


Side Effects

Side effects include allergies, swelling of the face or the limbs, headache, breathlessness, fatigue, numb sensation, slurring of speech, hot flashes, soreness in the throat, weakness, pain in the back and bones, and nausea.


Drug Interaction

Arimidex interacts with a host of medicines, hence the patients must inform the doctor of any medicine or dietary supplements which are being consumed.

Missed or Overdose

In case you miss a dose and realize it close to the time of your next dose, then you can resume your regular schedule. Never consume a double dose, or consume two doses within a short time gap, else it may trigger side effects. In case you notice any abnormal symptoms, then you should seek immediate medical assistance.

Arimidex should be kept in room temperature. It should never be kept in moist places such as the bathroom. Never keep it in places which are too hot or exposed to direct sunlight. Never keep it within the reach of children or pets.



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