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Is every medicine available on the website branded?

We at Specialitypharmarx offer generic as well as branded medicine. And we provide complete information on this on the website. We also have a separate marking with the word “Brand” included on all branded medications, which will be missing from the generic medication category. We assure you that despite being generic, the quality is at par with any branded medication.


What is the meaning of generic medication? Do they have the same results as brand name medicines?

A brand name medicine and a generic medicine may differ in terms of its looks and costing. A generic medicine is generally termed the same as the active ingredient in it, while brand name medicines, have special names given. As manufacturers do not have any patency for chemical agents, it is legal for generic medication manufacturers to produce medicines using these active agents. The composition of brand name and generic medicines is the same and both have the same results. SO it is more economical to purchase a generic medicine rather than choosing a brand name. Nonetheless, it is always advised to seek professional help before choosing any medication, in order to prevent any side effect or reaction.


Why is there such a huge difference in the pricing of generic medicines and brand names?

Manufacturers of brand name drugs invest a lot of time and money on research, and marketing, besides getting the approval of the FDA, which is a herculean task. On the other hand, manufacturers of generic medication do not need to spend on these overhead, making it possible for them to provide their drugs at a lesser cost.



The generic pills look different from the brand name pills and have a different name? Are they the same?

Manufacturers of brand name medicines do not have any form of patency for a chemical agent, and so, it is legal for generic medicine manufacturers to produce medicines with identical active agents. Hence, the composition for both brand names as well as generic medication is the same. However, there is a patency involved in the names, shape and color of brand name medications, and so, they need to be considered as intellectual property. Hence, if a manufacturer of generic medication uses the same name or physical features as the brand name medicine, then it will lead to copyright infringement. To prevent this, the manufacturers of generic medications design their drugs in a different shape and color.


How can I check the quality of the medicines provided on this website?

Our main motto is to deliver nothing but the best to our users. We are striving to build a long list of loyal patrons, and maintaining a stringent quality control and offering competitive rates is the only key to success. Hence, we undertake a strict quality check before finalizing on a supplier. All our suppliers have to adhere to the norms laid down by our website to provide the best possible medication. The manufacturers of our Indian drugs have the approval of the Indian State License and the FDA.


Do these medicines have any shelf life?

Yes, every blister has the expiry date printed on it. The expiry date differs from batch to batch. Depending on the medication, the shelf life of most medications is around 2 years.


Is there any difference between 50mg Viagra tabs and 100mg tabs?
Our website provides the generic variant of Viagra in the form of 50 mg tablets as well as 100 mg tablets. The active ingredient in Viagra is Sildenafil and a 50 mg tablet has 50 mg of Sildenafil while a 100 mg tablet has 100 mg Sildenafil. In case a person is consuming it for the first time, we recommend trying it out with just 25 mg. As we do not have a pill in this potency, you can split a 50 mg pill into two, and consume one half of it. You could increase the dosage if required.


Is there any difference between Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Soft and Regular?
Yes, there is a huge difference between Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Soft and Regular. Apart from its name, the drug has to be consumed at different times to effect.

Drug Name

Time Required For the Effect to Set in

Method of Consumption

Fatty food/alcohol

Duration of the Effect

Viagra 50mg, 100mg

1 hour

take with a glass of water


3-4 hours

Viagra Soft 50mg, 100mg

15 – 20 minutes

to be chewed until dissolved completely


6 hours

Cialis 20mg

30 minutes

take with a glass of water


36 hours

Cialis Soft 20mg

15 – 20 minutes

to be chewed until dissolved completely


24 – 36 hours

Levitra 20mg

 10 minutes – 1 hour

take with a glass of water


12 hours

How to Order

Do I need to have a prescription to order any medicine from your website?
Not all medicines require a prescription. However, depending on the laws prevalent in your country, you may have to provide a valid prescription. Our customer support team is well aware of all the norms and prerequisites regarding each medicine sold through our website. And they will ask you to provide a prescription in case the law demands it.

How do I provide my prescription to your website?

In case, we require a prescription, our team will reach out to you. You can then send a copy via Fax or eMail.

What happens in case I am unable to provide a valid prescription?

Once you place an order, it is mandatory for you to provide a valid prescription via Fax or eMail. In case, you are unable to do so within three days, then we do not go ahead with the processing of your order and consider it cancelled.

It is always advisable to seek professional help before placing an order, to ensure that you get the right medication.


What is the process to place an order?

You can place an order by sending us an eMail or giving us a call on our number.


What is the method of payment?

 You can pay via Visa, Master, Amex, Discover, Western Union or PalPal as well.


What happens post payment?

After placing an order, you will reach the checkout page, and click the ‘Submit’ button. The information filled at this stage will be shared with our processing centre for verification and the amount is accepted. After authorization of payment, the team approves the order, and the process to ship begins.


How secure is it to use my credit card on your website?


Our website takes proper measures to ensure that the financial transactions are safe and secure. We have a reliable payment page, which is authenticated by all browsers. You can verify the same with the presence of a padlock icon at the bottom of the browser window. As an additional check point, you can also check our URL, which begins with “https”, indicating that it is secure.

Does your website offer any discounts?
Yes, we provide lucrative offers to our patrons and new clients.


Is Shipping available for all locations?

Barring a few Asian countries, we provide shipping services to most other countries across the globe.


Where are these medicines manufactured?

Most medicines are manufactured in India, and so the order processing and dispatch happens from India itself.


What packages are used for dispatch? Will I have to sign o receive my shipment?

We give due prominence to your privacy, and hence ship the medicines in a discrete envelope, which will be dropped at your mailbox. You do not have to sign for it. In case, the order is sent via Standard Mail, then we would require a signature.


Will my order be shipped immediately after I place the order?
we have proper stock of all the products available. But we need to verify the shipping information before confirming the order. Once the order is verified and if no valid prescription is required then we move on with the packaging and dispatch, which takes a maximum of two days.


How will my shipment be dispatched? How long will it take for the package to be delivered?

At the moment, we provide two shipping methods:

  1. Express International Mail: here, you have the option to tack the package via a tracking number once the order has been shipped. You can verify the same in the account section. However, in certain countries we may not provide a tracking number. IN that case, the delivery time will be the same as that of the Express Mail option.

  2. Standard International Airmail: all packages which are dispatched via the Standard International Airmail do not have the facility of tracking.


Shipping Option



Regular mail*


21 days

Express Shipping


14 days

Fast Express


9 days


In case you provide a mail forwarding address, then you will not be entitled to place your order via Express International Mail. 

Note: At times, certain brands cannot be dispatched via the Standard Airmail Service. In such cases, the order is delivered via Express International Mail.


We do try our best to ensure that the package is delivered well within the time frame, however, in case of events beyond our control, or due to unforeseen circumstances there may be a delay. In such instances, the company is not responsible for the extended delays caused due to customs inspections of international mail, or delays due to holidays, or other events which may hinder the regular mailing process.

 What are the shipping charges?

The shipping rates differ according to the shipping option selected, or the destination country. Besides this, it also depends on the order quantity. To know more about our shipping cost, you need to add the products to the shopping cart, and proceed to checkout. 

Does the order get delayed at customs?

Yes, it is possible, and in case it does, then you get a notification regarding the same. In such cases, the receiver needs to grant permission to examine the contents of the package. Post inspection, the parcel is delivered to you. For further queries, you can get in touch with our customer support team, who will guide you through any roadblocks.


What do I do in case the package is damaged or if any product is missing?
If this happens, then you should immediately get in touch with our customer support team and explain the issue. Based on the situation, we either grant a refund or resend the correct package at no extra cost. You can go through our Policies segment for more information.


In case the order has more than 90 pills, then the package will be dispatched in more than one package.


Will I have to pay for reshipment of the product?
No, there is no additional charge levied on reshipping of the products.


Managing Orders

How can I check the status of my order?

There are 2 options:

  • to contact our support team (Contact Us)
  • To check the status from the web site (Account)


Can I change the shipping details before the order has been dispatched?

Yes, in case you wish to do so, you need to drop a message at the account section, to either cancel the order or to modify the shipping information. To know more about order cancelation and refund, you can go through the Refund Policy Page.


Managing Orders

How can I check the status of my order?

There are 2 options:

  • to contact our support team (Contact Us)
  • To check the status from the web site (Account)


Your bonus, the status of your recent order, the dispatch date and the approximate day of the delivery can be checked in your account section. To enter your account section you need to insert the order number, your e-mail address and the verification code (the digits in the box next to the “Verification code” field).

In case your order was sent by an Express International Mail, the tracking number can also be obtained from the same page.


The order has not been sent out yet. I need to change the shipping details. What should I do?
In your account section, you can leave us a message to cancel the order or to change the shipping information.


I need to cancel the order. Please, advise.
Please check our Refund and Returns Policy.


Business Opportunities

Do you wish to join our team as a supplier and add to our products range?

In case you have any product which you wish to supply to our website, you need to send us all the details via eMail. You need to ensure that all the products adhere to the quality requirements and you are able to submit all the relevant quality certificates.

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